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Anthurium Clarinervium (Giant Laceleaf Plant)

Anthurium Clarinervium (Giant Laceleaf Plant)

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We love this unusual and hard-to-find Anthurium - it really has that jungle look! The leaves of the Anthurium Clarinervium are large . dark green (almost black) . heart-shaped and have a beautiful velvet texture. The white veins really stand out against the dark green of the leaves . forming a stunning pattern. 

Anthurium Clarinervium is a fascinating plant known for its striking beauty and unique features. It is native to the southern regions of Mexico and grows in the humid forests of Chiapas and Oaxaca. This plant typically grows as an epiphyte . meaning it thrives by attaching itself to tree trunks or branches . but it can also grow in the soil.

In its natural habitat . Anthurium Clarinervium can grow up to 3 feet tall . and its leaves can reach up to 6 inches. The plant's heart-shaped leaves are covered in a velvety texture that gives them a luxurious appearance. The leaves also have prominent veins that add to their beauty and uniqueness. The veins are raised and form a pattern that is easily recognizable . making the plant stand out in any setting.

The Anthurium Clarinervium prefers warm and humid conditions . making it an ideal plant for indoor gardening. It is a relatively easy plant to care for . as it requires minimal maintenance and can adapt to different lighting conditions. However . it is important to note that it does not do well in direct sunlight and can be sensitive to overwatering. It is best to keep the soil moist but not wet and to avoid letting water sit in the pot's drainage tray.

If you are considering adding an Anthurium Clarinervium to your plant collection . providing it with the right conditions for optimal growth is essential. The plant requires a well-draining potting mix rich in nutrients and a pot that allows for proper drainage. The soil should also be kept moist but not waterlogged and occasionally fertilised to encourage healthy growth.

Anthurium Clarinervium is a beautiful and unique plant that adds a touch of tropical elegance to any indoor space. Its striking features and ease of care make it an excellent choice for experienced and novice gardeners. With the right conditions . this plant can thrive and provide you with years of enjoyment.

A fantastic foliage houseplant . this Anthurium will look amazing in any room in your home; it loves humidity . so a shower room or steamy kitchen would also be perfect. Making a great houseplant gift for a special person . these attractive plants make super stylish presents!

For houseplant gifts . we add an extra special touch. If you include a message at the basket stage of the checkout . we'll enclose a free . handwritten card along with the houseplant. We'll leave out the paperwork too so no price will be spotted!


W14cm x H30cm 


likes medium to bright indirect light but not direct sunlight they burn easily.


Keep the soil continually moist but not soggy . allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry between waterings in the winter. It likes high humidity . so either use a humidifier or mist regularly and sit on a tray of pebbles and water.


It likes loose . well-draining soil. Mix orchid barks and perlite with house plant potting soil.


Feed the plant every 2 months from March to September. 

If you'd like to see a short video on general houseplant care . we've made one for you!

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

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