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Brighamia insignis (Hawaiian Palm, Alula)

Brighamia insignis (Hawaiian Palm, Alula)

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Brighamia insignis . also known as the Hawaiian Palm or the Alula . is a stunning and rare plant that is sure to add a touch of tropical beauty to any home. This plant is native to the Hawaiian Islands . where it grows in rocky crevices and on cliffsides.

In the wild . Brighamia insignis is known for its long . slender stem and striking . trumpet-shaped flowers that range in colour from white to pale yellow. The leaves are fleshy and succulent . with a unique . silvery-grey hue that adds to the plant's exotic appearance.

To care for Brighamia insignis in your home . it's important to provide it with bright . indirect light and well-draining soil. Water sparingly . allowing the soil to dry out between waterings . as overwatering can lead to root rot. The plant is also sensitive to temperature fluctuations . so keep it away from drafts and extreme temperatures.

Styling Brighamia insignis in your home is a breeze . as its unique appearance lends itself well to a variety of decor styles. Its long stem and compact size make it perfect for small spaces . while its striking appearance can add interest to any room. Place it in a decorative pot or planter to showcase its unique foliage . or let it stand on its own as a statement piece.

In summary . Brighamia insignis is a rare and beautiful plant that is sure to add a touch of tropical beauty to any home. With proper care and attention . it will thrive and bring joy for years to come.

If you'd like to give Brighamia insignis as an indoor plant gift . we'll include a free . handwritten card with your order - just fill in your gift message at the basket stage of the checkout . and we'll arrange it all.  No giveaway paperwork . either!

Brighamia insignis care level

This is a really easy-care plant . suitable for beginners.

Where should I put it?

It likes high or direct light . so a sunny spot.Avoid heat sources and draughts. 

How should I water it?

Water only when the soil becomes dry - you can tell by poking a finger in a couple of inches.

Should I feed it?

You can feed in the summer months - try our vegan . organic plant food!

What size is it?

W12cm x H35cm 

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

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