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Pilea peperomioides - Large

Pilea peperomioides - Large

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We really love the extra-large Pilea Peperomioides; it's an important part of our home collection! We couldn't resist having these large houseplants on our site; Pilea plants are popular and attractive with their pretty habit and refreshing green leaves . a bit like lily pads! 

Pilea peperomioides . also known as the Chinese Money Plant . is a small . herbaceous . flowering plant native to southern China. It is a member of the nettle family and is widely cultivated as a houseplant for its attractive appearance and ease of care.

The plant has distinctive circular leaves . which are bright green and smooth with a slightly wavy margin. The leaves are attached to long . thin . green stems that originate from a central crown. The crown is a cluster of stems that grow from a bulb-like structure known as a rhizome . which is located just below the soil surface .

Pilea peperomioides is a low-maintenance plant that can thrive in various light conditions. It prefers bright . indirect light and should be watered when the soil is dry. The plant is relatively small . reaching a maximum height of around 30 cm (12 inches) and a spread of around 20 cm (8 inches).

In addition to its attractive appearance . Pilea peperomioides is also known for its air-purifying properties . making it a popular choice for improving indoor air quality. The plant is non-toxic to humans and pets . making it a safe and healthy addition to any home or office.

Overall . Pilea peperomioides is a charming and easy-to-care-for plant that can add a touch of greenery to any indoor space.

We recommend using a terracotta pot for this wonderful houseplant as it lets the soil breathe - you can also use one of our seagrass planters over this if you prefer the look.  This extra-large Pilea is really great if you want instant impact and don't want to wait for your plant to grow bigger!

A great houseplant gift . we'll include a free . handwritten card with any gift purchase - leave your message at checkout . and we'll sort it out! No paperwork included!

Pilea care

Pilea is delightfully easy to care for and suitable for beginners.

Where should I put it?

Pilea needs bright but indirect light and humidity - it can take some sun.

How should I water it?

Water the plant when the soil feels dry to the touch - stick your fingers a couple of inches down and check - beyond the top two inches should be slightly moist. To water . soak and allow to drain.

Is it suitable if I have pets?

Safe for pets!

Should I feed it?

You can feed once a month during spring and summer - why not try our vegan . organic plant food?

What size is it?

W17cm H26cm 

If you'd like to see a short video on general houseplant care . we've made one for you!

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot.

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